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To take a high-school dropout and place them in a seamless system which allows them to go as far as their desires and abilities permit, perhaps studying up to PhD level, is a profoundly impactful mechanism for social mobility. It is a revitalising, indeed exhilarating, reminder of the fundamental purpose of education, the freeing of imprisoned human potential.

It is globalised institutions allowing local students to share the process of learning with others world-wide we need to develop. This is the unique experience on offer to 21st century students.

You need to be part of a network of likeminded institutions across the world leveraging advanced IT, to allow the learning experiences of one institution to be enjoyed by all. Without a shared voice, you will remain largely unheard.

The generation we serve celebrates innovators and entrepreneurs and sees them as role-models. So should we. An institution which does not nurture wealth creation neglects the needs of the individuals and communities it supports.

If you have thoughtful, listening and student-centred leadership, not much will go wrong.

Change is rarely effected solely by restructuring the executive of an institution. It is best done by leadership re-articulating the beliefs students and staff have. Often this returns to a re-statement of the original rationale for the institution and its systematic embedding in new policies and practices.